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Explorations: Ideas for your mind, inspiration for your soul

Capital Group Private Client Services invites you to join us as we discover ideas for your mind and inspiration for your soul.

At Capital Group Private Client Services, we pride ourselves on deep and thoughtful research. Our portfolio managers, analysts and economists work tirelessly to ensure that their understanding of markets and industries is nuanced, broad and timely — all in service to our clients.

It’s in that spirit that we are continuing our webinar series, Explorations: Ideas for your mind, inspiration for your soul. We launched these events last year, and they proved to be highly popular with clients.

If you’re curious about the outlook for the stock market or what’s driving the economy, we’ve got you covered.

And because there’s more to life than investing, we bring in a diverse group of speakers. Renowned chef José Andrés told us how he set up his humanitarian efforts (and how to rethink the humble omelet). Health psychologist Kelly McGonigal showed how to condition our minds and bodies to love exercise.

We’ve got a lot more coming and can’t wait to share our exciting lineup for 2021. If you’d like to catch the new events, please contact your Private Wealth Advisor. You can watch previous events at such as: 

Investment opportunities in a time of global challenges 

Investing can be daunting even in the best of times. And with a sharp downturn and uncertain outlook, 2020 sure didn’t feel like the best of times. However, for long-term investors, staying in the market ultimately proved to be a wise decision. Global equity portfolio manager Gerald Du Manoir explains why sticking to a carefully designed investment plan is usually the better course during trying times.

Municipal stress: Concern and opportunity in muni bonds

Municipal bonds aren’t known for excitement, yet they gave that to investors in spades in 2020. Fixed income portfolio manager Mark Marinella takes us through a year in which munis provided safety and income generation — but against a backdrop of unexpected volatility. Along the way, he explains how Capital Group Private Client Services bond portfolios achieved strong results despite the challenges of the pandemic.

Bringing a chef’s touch to an aid kitchen

In the nation’s capital, chef José Andrés may be best known for his restaurants, including Minibar and Jaleo. But around the world, he’s known for his humanitarian work. He’s helped fill hungry bellies after disasters in areas as disparate as Mozambique, Houston and Haiti.

In his Explorations talk, José talked about how he got his start — first as a chef, but later as the head of a charitable organization — and explained what drives him to do more every day.

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