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American Funds Receives Top Honors on Morningstar’s 2016 “Fantastic 48” List

July 15, 2016

American Funds Receives Top Honors on Morningstar’s 2016 “Fantastic 48” List

Twelve American Funds have been cited for excellence in the Morningstar® FundInvestor℠ “Fantastic 48” list — the most of any fund family. Morningstar’s annual review of nearly 8,000 mutual funds identifies a select group of funds considered for criteria such as expenses, manager ownership, returns, stewardship and risk ratings.

“We are honored that our funds have been recognized once again by Morningstar for delivering superior results at a low cost to investors,” said Matt O’Connor, President of American Funds Distributors. “We are particularly proud that the American Funds make up a quarter of Morningstar’s ‘Fantastic’ funds list.”

“These funds have offered outstanding results through a powerful combination of characteristics. Lower expenses help a fund’s results over time. Manager ownership — or fund managers having a significant investment in the funds they manage — is an integral part of our culture. And during times of market volatility, it is especially important to consider funds that have been resilient during down markets.”

Morningstar’s Fantastic 48 report includes data for each fund, showing the expense ratio, the tenure of the longest serving portfolio manager, the fund’s annualized return over that manager’s tenure, and the return of the fund’s benchmark.