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Life at Capital Group


Twelve years. Three sites. Two relocations.

Those are some of the key numbers highlighting the rich and varied career of Product Manager Michael Walton.

The CG dozen

Twelve years since starting at Capital as an AFD Retirement Plan Coordinator, Michael has firmly established his career and expertise in retirement services. Reflecting on his journey, he says he “couldn’t be happier with my decision to pursue a variety of career opportunities within the organization.”

Michael began in HRO working with our PlanPremier product, which addresses the $1-to-$10-million retirement plan market. A couple of years later, he learned of an opportunity to relocate to IND. The location made sense for Michael and his wife, who has family in Ohio and Kentucky, as they were starting their own family. Michael went for it—and, through this relocation process, he found Capital to be very accommodating.

Always keep learning

Michael, a self-professed lifelong learner, settled into IND. “An MBA (Masters of Business Administration) was always something I’d wanted to pursue in order to further my professional goals,” he describes. “Being with an organization that offers such a rich educational assistance benefit—and living in an area with such good schools—I decided to take advantage of Capital’s program [in the U.S.] and pursue my degree through Indiana University.”

He was able to take classes at night so they wouldn’t interfere with his work schedule. Michael reflects: “It was difficult at times to balance graduate school with work and home life. However, I was fortunate to have a strong support system. I got help with the kids and encouragement from my wife to push through the tough moments.”

Opportunity to stretch

While working with the RPS Product Management group, Michael became aware of an opportunity to be an RPS Product Manager based in IRV. After talking with associates closest to the role, he decided to apply. He got the job and relocated with his family once again in 2014—this time across the country!

Michael comments: “The associates in IRV have been fantastic—so welcoming and helpful.” This warmth not only enabled Michael to feel comfortable with the big move, but helped his family as well. “We left our close family and support system with three young boys,” he says. “We were able to make contacts and meet new people quickly, which helped a relocation of this magnitude go smoothly.”

Unique journey through Capital

According to Michael, “I found out very early in my career here that there are a lot of different paths you can take.

“There are more opportunities than I ever would’ve thought coming into Capital,” he adds. “You can build your own unique career path.”

Guiding principles for career development

Throughout Michael’s career, he’s been led by the following principles:

  • Form mentorships and continue to cultivate those relationships.
    • “I was able to find some really good mentors very early in my career and consider myself lucky because of them,” reflects Michael. “Those relationships have paid off for me in a big way.”
  • Be open to learning new things.
    • Michael comments: “I’ve challenged myself to take on new and different roles, and doing so has helped me form new relationships and develop new skills. You just need to take the initiative.”
  • Have a healthy curiosity.
    • “Be curious—both in order to learn new things, as well as about how things work,” he adds. “Explore how your work and team fit into the overall big picture at Capital.”
  • Do the right thing.
    • “Stick to that feeling in your gut that says you’re doing the right thing,” he says. “Over time, by holding true, you’ll become more successful. This has been a powerful approach for me as I’ve cultivated relationships and my career.”

Michael acknowledges that his career journey at Capital was possible because of tremendous support from his peers, managers and mentors. “I couldn’t have accomplished any of my career goals without help from others. I’m grateful for the opportunities that have opened up for me and know that it’s my job to pay that forward.”