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Capital Group Communities Welcome You!

Over the past few years, Capital Group communities have been springing up all around. Often referred to as affinity or resource groups at other companies, there are more than 25 communities throughout Capital, and more than 2,500 associates are already involved with more communities coming soon.

At its foundation, each community is a group of associates who have a common passion about a particular topic or experience. These associate-driven efforts often start with a few people sharing stories and then grow into something larger. Jim Evans, our Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement, states, “At the end of the day, communities help associates feel more welcome and valued at work.”

A place for everyone

Capital communities span a range of interests—LGBTQ, cultural/ethnic, women, global outreach, helping families caring for those with special needs.

Deidre Eason, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant who serves as a liaison between the communities and Capital comments, “It’s been exciting to see how quickly the enthusiasm has grown. Our associates are passionate about these topics so it’s great Capital Group can support and help bring them together.”

Come for networking, stay for relationships

Often, associates are attracted to the range of resources and networking opportunities communities provide. For example, we held a Women’s Symposium for key leaders of the various women’s community groups; Senior CG Management Committee Members Tim Armour and Phil de Toledo provided opening remarks and CGMC Member Darcy Kopcho talked about women in the Investment Group.

The Special Needs Network also held an event to both discuss how to expand the hiring of associates with special needs at Capital and build on our relationship with AbilityFirst, an organization that provides programs for children and adults with disabilities and special needs services to help participants reach their full potential throughout their lives.

There are also smaller, more informal communities in which associates meet to solve project challenges or explore common interests. Large or small, communities provide a space for associates to connect outside of their particular work groups.

Jump in and get involved

Joining a Capital Community is easy. There’s no membership process or application to complete. You can explore the many available communities to find the ones that are right for you. Or if you’d like, you can start your own! Jim explains, “We have a broad vision for the types of communities Capital would like to support, although there may be a few exceptions.” There are many opportunities available.

Your involvement can be anything from occasionally attending meetings to assuming a leadership role. Whatever you decide, you’ll find a welcoming place for building relationships and an inclusive sense of belonging.