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Speed Networking

Recently, nearly 50 associates gathered in Los Angeles for an afternoon of “speed networking” hosted by the CG NextGen Community. Participants, stationed across from one another at tables around the room, had three minutes to introduce themselves, highlight special skills and note career goals before moving on to different individuals. Needless to say, everyone talked fast!

But first, some tips

At the start of the event, Human Resources senior consultant Kelly Marshall provided some networking tips—“Present yourself the way you want to be remembered” and “Look for organic opportunities to touch base with members of your network periodically, before you need something from them!”—and then served as event moderator.

After five rounds, participants got out of their chairs and slowed the rate of conversation for an informal reception. A professional photographer gave willing takers a chance to upgrade their headshots—and HR associates mingled with attendees, providing career development pointers.

Connecting across departments and roles

“I was so excited to see the energy in the room and participants’ willingness to jump into the networking session,” says NextGen head Mikael Arutunian. “We had associates from a variety of business groups and we definitely achieved our goal of introducing participants to people they wouldn’t generally cross paths with at Capital.”

“The NextGen event offered us a great opportunity to meet other associates in different departments and roles,” confirms Molly Johnson, a communication and engagement specialist. “I was able to talk to people that I would have never met otherwise, and it was great to be able to connect both one-on-one during speed networking and in a larger group at the reception.”