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Gobble, Gobble Give 

Senior order management analyst Charles Hassell has an infectious spirit of giving that’s legendary in Los Angeles. Recently, his giving spirit caught on in a big way, when nearly 200 associates participated in the sixth annual “Gobble Gobble Give” (G3) event. Each year, Southern California associates and their families gather on the morning of Thanksgiving to assemble meals and clothing/toiletry kits before distributing them to the underserved and homeless in surrounding Los Angeles neighborhoods.

A longtime resident of downtown Los Angeles, (where Capital Group’s office is located) Charles pinpointed this opportunity to help out his less-fortunate neighbors several years ago. “We work in a very nice area. Walk two or three blocks in any direction and that changes. We have everything we need. There are people close to us who don’t have anything.”

Giving back catches on

What started out as a small team-building exercise quickly gained momentum. The first year, 50 meals and clothing/toiletry kits were distributed. That number grew this year to 100 meals and 600 kits. The program has raised more than $9,000.

Senior marketing communications manager Susan Hallock feels especially grateful to work at Capital because it encourages associates to support charities and programs they’re passionate about. “The fact that Capital allows associates to drive its charitable efforts makes me proud,” Susan says. “I’m constantly in awe of the amazing associates I have the opportunity to work with.”

Help from little hands, too

The recent G3 volunteer contingent included 45 to 50 children of associates, who not only colored pictures to accompany the personalized Thanksgiving-themed kits, but also helped assemble them. “There aren’t a lot of opportunities for children to volunteer their time, and I think it’s so important to instill the importance of community service at a young age.” 

Charles offers. “You’re never too young to have a huge heart or make a big difference.”

Charles’ favorite part of this year’s event was listening to global investment control specialist Jeannie Kim’s daughter Claire, inspired by last year’s G3 event, describe the volunteer work her Girl Scout troop is doing for the Downtown Women’s Center (DWC). The troop started by assembling a dinner for 100 homeless women last year. That effort now includes hand-knitting hats and blankets, hosting a donation drive and using a portion of cookie and school-supply sales for holiday decorations for the center’s main hall. “We live in a neighborhood where our children aren’t exposed to the realities of the homeless,” Jeannie says. “I think working with the DWC is a real eye opener.”

The lifetime achievement award goes to…

Within the span of just one hour, kits and meals were assembled by Charles’ “dream team,” which included talent acquisition specialist April Cahill, senior market data analyst Elyse Klein, senior meeting planning coordinator Kristin Twombly, senior office services associate Majken Curley, administrative assistant Marissa Walker, senior talent management consultant Molly Johnson, and many other associates and their family members.

A highlight of this year’s event saw Ted Samuels bestowed with the very first Gobble Gobble Give lifetime achievement award—appropriately, in the form of a turkey trophy! A longtime volunteer, Ted is credited with pushing Charles to expand the event.

Delivering to grateful recipients

After the Thanksgiving meals and personal care kits were assembled, volunteers drove around the downtown area to distribute them to people in need. With her background working with underprivileged children in residential facilities, Majken especially looked forward to this part of the day. “Delivering these kits and meals to the less fortunate is eye-opening and impactful,” she says. “It’s an opportunity to engage and have conversations with people we otherwise might not meet.”

Upon the culmination of the sixth year of Gobble Gobble Give, Charles has a hard time imagining it getting any bigger. “But you can never doubt the enormous generosity of Capital associates,” he says.