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A time-tested strategy built for an evolving world

Over the past 45 years, the New Perspective strategy has delivered long-term results for its investors. Originally offered only to US-based investors, the strategy is now available to investors in Asia and Europe via Capital Group New Perspective Fund (LUX) – which is managed by the same experienced team and follows the same approach as the strategy from the US.
Our interactive chart below shows that while there have been many reasons not to invest, the strategy has provided consistent growth through major economic, political and social events.



Explore our interactive chart

Use the chart below to compare the growth of US$10,000 in the New Perspective strategy against the index over the years, through the ups and inevitable downs that are an inescapable part of investing. You can build your own chart by customising the date range or viewing results against some of the more infamous market downturns, from the oil crisis of the 70s to the financial crisis of ’08.
The information in relation to the index is provided for context and illustration only. The fund is an actively managed UCITS. It is not managed in reference to a benchmark.
Past results are not a guarantee of future results.
Returns in US dollar terms. Capital Group New Perspective Fund (LUX) was launched on 30 October 2015. The investment results shown here are for the Capital Group New Perspective Composite (defined as a single group of discretionary portfolios that collectively represent a particular investment strategy or objective). This is intended to illustrate our experience and capability in managing this strategy over the long term. Our Luxembourg fund has been a member of this composite since the beginning of November 2015.
Results shown for the Capital Group New Perspective Composite, from inception at 31 March 1973, are asset-weighted and based on initial weights and monthly returns. Net of management fees and expenses for a representative Luxembourg fund share class (Z), applying the maximum Total Expense Ratio (TER). Please visit for further details. Source: Capital Group
Index is MSCI All Country World Index (ACWI) (net dividends reinvested) from 30 September 2011; previously MSCI World (net dividends reinvested). Source: MSCI
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