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Responsible investing

Investing for the long term means looking at the complete picture.

We are a discretionary investment manager with a bottom-up investment process focused on delivering long-term results. Our approach is to fully integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into our research process, rather than treating them as the responsibility of a separate team.

Capital Group investment professionals consider ESG issues alongside other financial and economic indicators in their fundamental analysis of companies and their value. We are well placed to do this, as we have established a toolkit which integrates responsible investing into our entire investment process:

  • We are long-term investors underpinned by our own strong culture and code of ethics and private ownership
  • We invest in companies we believe have a sustainable business model and good growth prospects
  • We have fundamental research capabilities with depth and breadth of experience
  • We value trust, built on long-term relationships with companies
  • We place emphasis on access and credibility giving us a platform to engage and have dialogue
  • We encourage coordination on corporate governance regulatory developments.

For more information on ESG, please contact:

Rob Beale | 020 7864 5374 |