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First-hand global research

On-the-ground, globally integrated research is the basis for identifying long-term investment opportunities

Our conviction is developed from first-hand research and experience

  • We commit substantial resources to global research — our analysts make thousands of research visits around the world each year
  • We view research as a career option, not just a stepping stone to portfolio management; Consequently, our analysts get to know the companies they cover over several years and market cycles
  • Our analysts manage money directly within client portfolios, giving them the opportunity to put their best ideas to work

Investment ideas shared and debated across asset class teams

  • Sharing insights across asset classes is one of our competitive advantages
  • Equity, fixed income and private equity analysts meet regularly, both formally and informally, to discuss investment themes and challenge one another‘s assumptions
  • Such a process delivers compelling investment ideas and gives portfolio managers a broader and deeper understanding of risk