Capturing investment opportunities in a time of incredible change

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Change inspires innovation and growth 

With the world going at a fast pace, how can investors take advantage of the innovation and growth to come? Here are what we think are some of the most exciting developments uncovered through our global research efforts.

1. Cost of DNA is as at December 2020 (1990s, 2007) and February 2020 (2020). Sources: National Human Genome Research Institute (1990s, 2007) and MIT Technology Review (2020)
2. Time needed is as at September 2017 (1986), August 2010 (2010) and June 2021 (2020). Sources: Chemical and engineering news (1986), ACS (2010) and Thermo Fisher Scientific (2020)
3. Data as at January 2021. Source: McKinsey
4. Source: RENA 2019, Wind Power Monthly 2019. MW: megawatts. 2021-22 and 2022-25 are expected (E) specifications. Forecast shown for illustrative purposes only.

“The fourth industrial revolution is here. As the global economy undergoes tremendous transformation, global research depth and active management become even more critical to identifying the right investment opportunities for our investors.”

Equity funds in focus


Capital Group New Perspective Fund (LUX)

An unconstrained approach to global investing focusing on high quality multinational companies

Capital Group New Economy Fund (LUX)

Growth and innovation in an evolving economy


Capital Group Asian Horizon Fund (LUX)

Capturing Asia’s secular growth opportunities, with a global perspective



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Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a network of physical objects or “things” embedded with technology to collect and transmit information.

Smart applications refer to applications that gather data from sensors and other sources, and use machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics to make this information actionable for users and to improve experiences.

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