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Research, collaboration and consistency: Capital Group’s fixed income philosophy

Over the 50 years that Capital Group has managed fixed income portfolios, we have prioritised the same deep fundamental research and culture of collaboration that have been integral to the company’s investment approach since its founding in 1931. Following the global financial crisis, we evolved our approach with an explicit commitment to delivering consistent outcomes through fixed income mandates that are pure in approach and adhere to desired portfolio objectives. These three pillars - research, collaboration and delivering consistent outcomes - are at the heart of our effort to provide clients with a stable and differentiated pattern of investment returns over the long term.

This three-pillar philosophy serves as the touchstone for Capital Group’s fixed income portfolio managers and analysts. Whether traveling the world to meet debt issuers, sharing investment views with their equity colleagues or reviewing portfolio exposures with the risk management team, our professionals are keenly focused on these three principles as they pursue value across fixed income assets and markets.

The three pillars of our fixed income philosophy 

* Compensation paid to our investment professionals is heavily influenced by investment results over one-, three-, five- and eight-year periods. Increasing weight is placed on each successive measurement period to encourage a long-term investment approach.