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Our strategies

Our range of equity, fixed income and multi asset funds

Capital Group offers investors a broad range of investment solutions. Use the tabbed navigation to access comprehensive information on each of our funds and strategies including performance figures, latest prices and other essential fund facts.

Capital Group AMCAP Fund (LUX) Capturing growth in US equities

Capital Group Capital Income Builder (LUX) An all-season multi-asset approach designed to generate long-term income growth

Capital Group Emerging Markets Debt Fund (LUX) A long-term strategic approach to emerging market debt investing

Capital Group Emerging Markets Local Currency Debt Fund (LUX) Capitalising on the dynamism of local currency emerging market debt

Capital Group Emerging Markets Growth Fund (LUX) Access the growth opportunities in emerging markets with a pioneer

Capital Group Emerging Markets Total Opportunities (LUX) Seeking emerging market equity-like returns with lower volatility

Capital Group Euro Bond Fund (LUX) An anchor for euro-based portfolios with a focus on high-quality bonds

Capital Group Euro Corporate Bond Fund (LUX) Accessing investment opportunities in euro-denominated corporate bonds

Capital Group European Growth and Income Fund (LUX) Access to growth and income through exposure to European companies

Capital Group Global Allocation Fund (LUX) A bottom-up multi-asset fund, bringing together all of Capital Group’s capabilities

Capital Group Global Bond Fund (LUX) Bridging global fixed income markets with high-quality bonds

Capital Group Global Corporate Bond Fund (LUX) Fundamental security selection in global corporate bonds

Capital Group Global Equity Fund (LUX) Investing in quality companies from all over the world

Capital Group Global High Income Opportunities (LUX) A consistent source of high income in today’s low-yielding world

Capital Group Global Intermediate Bond Fund (LUX) A diversified fixed income strategy investing primarily in investment grade bonds with an average maturity of 3-5 years

Capital Group Investment Company of America (LUX) A core portfolio with historically defensive characteristics: driven by its emphasis on future income.

Capital Group Japan Equity Fund (LUX) A core all-cap approach to Japan equity investing

Capital Group New Economy Fund (LUX) Growth and innovation in an evolving global economy

Capital Group New Perspective Fund (LUX) An unconstrained approach to global investing focusing on high quality multinational companies

Capital Group New World Fund (LUX) Capture the growth potential of developing economies

Capital Group US Corporate Bond Fund (LUX) Fundamental security selection in US corporate bonds

Capital Group US High Yield Fund (LUX) Fundamental, integrated research underpins our search for yield

Capital Group World Dividend Growers (LUX) Diversified global equity exposure, focusing on companies with growing dividends

Capital Group World Growth and Income (LUX) A core global equity strategy for changing market environments