We believe in the power of partnerships.


We invest in our relationships.

Cultivating our relationship with clients is a cornerstone of our business.

For decades upon decades we’ve been working alongside you. Meeting you in offices from Singapore to Sydney, London to Milan and Michigan to Miami, we work hard to understand your business and help you succeed. We seek to build long-term relationships with a focus and scale.

We make long-term commitments.

We make the commitment to understand your needs so we can be a trusted partner for the long haul. When the industry changes, we change too. When technology evolves, we evolve with it. When your needs change, we seek to adjust our service to match. And because we are privately owned, we can keep investing in the people, technology and infrastructure that we believe generates better outcomes for you and your clients.

We understand that it’s about lives, not only livelihoods.

We know that to support you and your clients, you need more than just the right range of investments.

That’s why our offer goes beyond investment choices. We share our  market and investment insights and guides. We look to support you in three ways: through distribution and service, industry engagement, and products and innovation. This way we can make sure we offer holistic support for whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Looking ahead.

The asset management industry is changing, and we at Capital Group will grow and change with it. We plan to resource our business for growth and continue to launch and optimise investment vehicles for the Singapore market.

Our beliefs

Your goals power ours.

We have four core beliefs central to helping you succeed.

Find your investment solution

We understand that all your clients are unique, and offer an array of investment solutions designed to meet their needs.

Investment thinking from Capital Group

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