We believe in deep, fundamental research. 



When we invest in companies, we want to know them from break room to boardroom.

Our deep and fundamental research is the backbone of our company and essential to the results we have delivered to our investors.

We pioneered industry standards.

In the early days of Capital Group in the United States, there there was very little stock market or economic information readily available to investors.

So Capital’s early leaders researched and documented the information themselves. They used their statistical backgrounds and analysed various information sources when evaluating companies.

By the 1960s, Capital had become a global investing trailblazer, investing in companies across the globe. Yet again, we found that statistical information and investment data for non-US markets was scarce.

So we created the Capital International indexes, now known as the Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) indexes, to help evaluate companies and compare their results with global competitors. In other words, we put the CI in MSCI.

Today, we maintain our high standards as we evaluate the depth and breadth of a company. But we know that numbers are only part of the picture.

MSCI Indices are now maintained by MSCI, Inc.

We’ve got boots on the ground.

We believe that the best way to get to know a company is to know the people behind the business.

That’s why when we research companies, it’s much more than a site visit. We want to know both senior management and the employees on the ground.

Our equity analysts also collaborate with our fixed income analysts, who draw on deep research across sectors including rates, credit, mortgages and currencies.

Face-to-face meetings are essential to our research. Our investment professionals conducted more than 12,000 meetings with companies in 2018.

All data as of 31 December 2018.  Source: Capital Group

One of our investment professionals has been covering US toy manufacturer Mattel for so long that he knows the business culture better than many of its former leaders. As Greg Wendt, a Capital Group portfolio manager, explains

“Continuity of coverage can provide a significant advantage in evaluating management. At this point, I have covered Mattel through seven CEOs and for over 30 years, which is longer than the current CEO has been in the toy business.”

We also believe that it’s the management team behind a company that drives its success, which makes our face-to-face research invaluable. As one of our leaders said in the early days of our business, “The only difference between Chrysler Corporation and its predecessor (the struggling Maxwell Motor Company) is Walter Chrysler.”

Examples provided for illustrative purposes only. This information has been provided solely for informational purposes and is not an offer, or solicitation of an offer, or a recommendation to buy or sell any security or instrument listed herein.

We get a world of context.

Information isn’t useful in isolation. We need to know how industries in different regions compare to each other in order to deeply understand the companies themselves.

For example, to understand companies in the steel industry in the US, investors must have insight into the steel industry in Europe, Japan and China.

At Capital Group, we have a global research team with extensive scale and scope, covering both equity and fixed-income investing. With our managers and analysts based in cities across the globe, including Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Geneva, London, Tokyo, Singapore, Mumbai, Beijing to Hong Kong, we can closely follow trade and other global issues like few others can.

When it comes to our research team, these are the six numbers to know 

Data as at 31 December 2018. Source: Capital Group

We put our money where our mouth is.

Our portfolio managers are typically invested alongside clients in the investment strategies they manage. For instance:

For illustrative purposes only. American Funds are not registered for sale outside of the United States. This illustration uses U.S. mutual fund industry data as an example, as the level of manager ownership is not systematically disclosed for funds outside the U.S. 

1 As of 31 December 2018

2 Source: “Portfolio managers shun investing in their own funds.” Aliya Ram, Financial Times. 18 September 2016.

We take the time to do it right.

Our research is too important for shortcuts.

Our fundamental, research-driven approach, the relationships we’ve built over decades and our extensive global research effort allow us to invest with confidence.

A long-term perspective can really pay off. As an example, take a look at one of our largest and longest established global equity strategies, the Capital Group New Perspective strategy .

Use the chart below to compare the hypothetical growth of USD10,000 in the New Perspective strategy against the MSCI ACWI, a key global equity index, over the years, through the ups and inevitable downs that are an inescapable part of investing.

Capital Group New Perspective Composite: The hypothetical value of US$10,000 invested at launch. Launched over 45 years ago.

The information in relation to the index is provided for context and illustration only. The fund is an actively managed UCITS. It is not managed in reference to a benchmark.

Past results are not a guarantee of future results.

Data as at 31 Dec 2020.

The investment results shown here are for the Capital Group New Perspective Composite (defined as a single group of discretionary portfolios that collectively represent a particular investment strategy or objective). This is intended to illustrate our experience and capability in managing this strategy over the long term.

This information supplements or enhances required or recommended disclosure and presentation provisions of the GIPS® standards, which if not included herein, are available upon request. GIPS is a trademark owned by CFA Institute.


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