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Privacy Policy

Capital Group (“CG”) considers your privacy to be of fundamental importance and has established this Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) to maintain the privacy of the information you share with us.
This Policy explains the collection, use, sharing and otherwise processing of your personal data
  1. as a visitor of this website,
  2. in connection with your investment in the range of CG’s Luxembourg domiciled UCITS funds, Australian domiciled funds and CG’s United Kingdom domiciled OEICS funds (the “Funds”) offered by Capital International Management Company Sàrl (“CIMC”) from Luxembourg, Capital Group Investment Management Limited (“CGIML”) ABN 73 164 174 501 from Australia and Capital Group UK Management Company Limited from the United Kingdom (“CGUKMC”) or,
  3. in connection with investment and shareholder services offered by CIMC or Capital International Sàrl (“CISA”) in Switzerland, Capital International Limited (“CIL”) and Capital Group Management Company Limited in the United Kingdom, Capital International Inc. (“CIInc”) in its capacity as Representative of the Funds in Singapore and Hong Kong, or CIInc ARBN 148 215 570 in Australia,
  4. or in connection with your business relationship with CG in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. CIMC, CGUKMC, CISA, CIL, CIInc, the Funds and/ or any other CG company with which you have a relationship will be the data controllers or joint controllers for the purposes of this Policy.


This Policy shall further inform you about your rights and choices in connection with our use of your personal information.