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Capital Group Global High Income Opportunities (LUX)

At Capital Group, we believe bond portfolios should provide reliable outcomes. Global High Income Opportunities addresses the investors’ need for income in a low interest rate environment. The portfolio is designed to provide consistent levels of income and more stable returns through diversification across investments in high-yield bonds and emerging market debt.


Consistent high income

Long track record of high income distribution, 7.7% over the last 10 years, as a result of combining diversified sources of income.

Bottom-up approach

The breadth of our analyst team allows for extensive fundamental research and evaluation of securities. Security and country selection has accounted for the majority of returns since inception in 1999.


Investing broadly across higher yielding sectors maximises the opportunity set, enables holistic risk management and has historically provided a less volatile pattern of returns.

Past results are not a guarantee of future results. 

Rob Neithart has been investing in Global High Income Opportunities since the composite's inception in 1998. Here he reflects on his experience in different market environments across two decades.

31 years of investment experience and with Capital Group
Based in Los Angeles


Access to a diverse and growing opportunity set

A cross-market approach allows our investment team to source assets with the most attractive risk-reward characteristics – across geography, asset class, currency and the capital structure – without straying into less liquid assets.

Why invest broadly?

Investing broadly across higher yielding sectors that have different return drivers throughout the credit cycle maximises the investment opportunity set and allows for a more holistic approach to risk management.



Capital Group Global High Income Opportunities (LUX)

A consistent source of high income in today’s low-yielding world


Data as at 31 December 2018 for Capital Group Global High Income Opportunities (LUX). Source: Capital Group

Risk factors you should consider before investing:

  • This material is not intended to provide investment advice or be considered a personal recommendation.
  • The value of investments can go down as well as up and you may lose some or all of your initial investment.
  • If the currency in which you invest strengthens against the currency in which the underlying investments of the fund are made, the value of your investment will decrease.
  • Depending on the strategy, risks may be associated with investing in fixed income, emerging markets and/or high-yield securities; emerging markets are volatile and may suffer from liquidity problems.