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Our video and webcast channel enables you to hear the latest views from our Portfolio Managers and Investment Specialists on the current investment landscape and stay up-to-date with our fund range.

January 2020

Citywire Taxi Talk interview with Jeremy Cunningham, Investment Director, November 2019

In this interview with Natalie Breen of Citywire, Jeremy Cunningham, discusses the role of fixed income in investors portfolio and Capital Group’s Global High Income Opportunities (LUX), a fund which reached its 20th anniversary in 2019.

Jeremy Cunningham is an investment director with Capital Group. He has 33 years of industry experience and has been with Capital Group for 4 years. Based in London.

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February 2019

Emerging markets debt likely to hold ground, despite volatility

Bond markets in developing economies have been challenged of late, but investors shouldn’t fear widespread, systemic risk, says portfolio manager Rob Neithart. In this video he offers his perspective on the recent volatility and names areas of opportunity.

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October 2018

Capital Group New Perspective Strategy: A New Perspective on Global Investing

Portfolio manager, Jody Jonsson, discusses what makes Capital Group’s New Perspective strategy different, and outlines the reasons behind a focus on quality multinationals.

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June 2018

Capital Group New Perspective Strategy: A new perspective on global investing

The New Perspective strategy dates back to 1973 and aims to identify established and emerging multinational companies. In this video portfolio manager Steve Watson, discusses how New Perspective is managed, explains why he believes the multinational focus is an attractive one and how the fund differs from other global equity strategies.

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May 2018

AI: the future is now

Discover the challenges and opportunities AI may bring to today’s investors.

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February 2018

The Challenge for Investors in This "Most Hated" Bull Market

Low volatility – a sign of investor complacency or nervousness? Portfolio manager Rob Lovelace offers his perspective.

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February 2018

Introducing Capital Group Global Corporate Bond Fund (LUX)

In this video, portfolio manager Vantil Charles introduces the new Capital Group Global Corporate Bond Fund (LUX) and discusses why investors should consider investing in global corporate bonds, as well as his view on current valuations and the outlook for 2018.

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December 2017

2018 Outlook Webinar: Time for Balance and Flexibility

Portfolio managers Rob Lovelace and David Hoag, and economist Darrell Spence share their thoughts on the outlook for global equities, fixed income and economies as they look ahead to 2018.

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November 2017

The global move from goods & services to knowledge & information

Investment Director Julie Dickson, explains how our view of what is an attractive multinational company is changing, how we are seeking to take advantage of this change, and how Capital Group New Perspective Fund (LUX) differs from many other funds in its peer group by investing in genuinely global businesses.

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November 2017

Connectivity is one investment megatrend to watch

The way not only people, but things, connect with one another presents a world of investment opportunities. Portfolio manager Gerald Du Manoir shares this and two other themes that have captured his interest.

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November 2017

The big issues facing bond investors

How will fixed income markets fare as major central banks begin to retreat from monetary easing? Should investors cut their exposure to bonds? And are there particular areas where investors should be cautious? Mike Gitlin shares his outlook on the asset class and outlines some of the risks that fixed income investors should consider.

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November 2017

What we believe and how we invest

Head of Fixed Income Mike Gitlin sets out the importance of investing in bond funds that don’t engage in scope creep and explains what differentiates Capital Group from industry peers.

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November 2017

Shifting global trade patterns open up new opportunities

The pace of change for global investors has never been more rapid. With changing international trade patterns, it’s challenging to stay alert to the opportunities that are arising. We believe a research-driven approach is key to identifying the winners of tomorrow.

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September 2017

Emerging markets rally riding on earnings growth

Emerging markets are benefiting from the global economic recovery, but does the current rally have staying power? Portfolio manager Shaw Wagener weighs in, and offers perspective on how the asset class has evolved.

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September 2017

Can France begin to restore order in Europe?

Many developed nations, particularly in Europe, are facing a political groundswell of populist sentiment. Portfolio manager Gerald Du Manoir discusses its roots and focuses on one nation, France, that may have found an antidote.

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August 2017

Seeing through the bond-bubble hype

Investors worried about a bond bubble might do well to sit tight. Capital Group head of fixed income Mike Gitlin covers U.S. growth expectations, the current economic cycle, the likely path of Fed funds policy and the global marketplace to help bond investors make informed decisions.

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July 2017

Introducing Capital Group AMCAP Fund (LUX)

In this video investment specialist Maria Karahalis introduces our growth-orientated US equity strategy, AMCAP. This year, marking its 50-year anniversary, the strategy is now available to Asian and European investors as a Luxembourg-domiciled UCITS fund.

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July 2017

Why bond funds should behave like bond funds

Bond funds behaving badly? They’re out there, cautions Capital Group’s head of fixed income, Mike Gitlin. He explains how a bond fund ideally should behave and why  this concept is so important for investors seeking a well-diversified portfolio.

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July 2017

Highlights from our midyear outlook

Portfolio managers Jody Jonsson and David Hoag, economist Darrell Spence and policy and communications advisor Matt Miller discuss the global outlook for financial markets, as well as the macroeconomic and political landscape, for the second half of 2017 and beyond.

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July 2017

Pharma’s next big innovation may be affordability

The pharmaceutical industry is a hotbed of innovation. Investment analyst Craig Gordon, a former practicing physician, discusses the breakthroughs that have him most excited.

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June 2017

From Melon Trucks to Ferraris: Charting China’s Meteoric Change

If you blink in Beijing, you could miss the next techno-cultural shift. China affairs specialist Andrew Dougherty and economist Stephen Green — based in Beijing and Hong Kong, respectively — swap stories about the rapid adoption of technology in China.

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June 2017

Chilly climate for multinationals?

Multinationals may face increasing headwinds in today’s political climate. But portfolio manager Jonathan Knowles offers a broader perspective on many of these enduring companies.

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June 2017

India leading an emerging markets rebound

With some of the headwinds they’ve faced showing signs of abating, the emerging markets may be on the upswing. Portfolio manager Jonathan Knowles says India, with its dynamic new leadership, is paving the way.

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May 2017

Inside China’s growth evolution

The trajectory of China’s growth and transition to a consumption-based economy has broad global implications. China affairs specialist Andrew Dougherty and economist Stephen Green – based in Beijing and Hong Kong, respectively – offer their 10-year views.

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March 2017

Why settle for average? Our perspective on index investing

In light of Warren Buffett’s recent letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders advocating low-fee index investing for most individual investors, Capital Group chairman and CEO Tim Armour and vice chairman Rob Lovelace add their views — and Capital Group’s voice — to the indexing discussion.

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