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Our system prioritises consistent and repeatable fund results.

Jonathan Bell Lovelace 1968

Early in Capital Group history, our leaders realised that their funds would outlast the professionals who managed them.

They believed they had a responsibility to provide stability and management continuity to their investors, so they asked themselves a key question: If a portfolio manager left the firm, how could they keep funds going strong?

They pioneered a plan. By dividing portfolios into sections and giving each of the existing managers a portion to administer, no portfolio would be too dependent on a single person.

This distinctive way of managing money became The Capital SystemSM. By incorporating the highest conviction investment ideas of each manager in a portfolio, we aim to both increase the diversity of those ideas and reduce the volatility of a fund, which can give investors a smoother ride in bumpy markets.

The best of both worlds.

CRMC Meeting 1961. Jonathan Bell Lovelace,
Chuck Schimpff, Coleman Morton, Jim Fullerton, 
Mary Bauer

The Capital System can give investors the best of both worlds: the upside of high-conviction ideas and the power of collaboration.

At Capital Group, we assemble teams of managers who have different investing styles and complementary strengths to help foster a diversified investing approach.

The benefits of our multiple portfolio manager approach can be boiled down to simple maths: If, for example, a fund has a star manager with 120  investment ideas, that’s a lot of ideas for one person to keep track of. But imagine if the fund were divided among four managers, including each of their 30 highest conviction ideas — ideas they've explored inside out — that’s the strength of The Capital System.

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A long term perspective.

For decades, many of our strategies have delivered strong long-term results, helping investors stay on the path to achieving their financial goals.

As an example, take a look at one of our largest and longest established global equity strategies, the Capital Group New Perspective strategy. Use the chart below to compare the growth of AUD$10,000 in the New Perspective strategy1 against the index2 over the years, through the ups and inevitable downs that are an inescapable part of investing. You can build your own chart by customising the date range or viewing results against some of the more infamous market downturns, from the oil crisis of the 70s to the financial crisis of ’08.

Capital Group New Perspective strategy: The value of a hypothetical A$10,000 invested at launch. Launched over 45 years ago.

For the latest results of Capital Group New Perspective (AU), including rolling 1 year results, please visit our fund centre.

Past results are not a guarantee of future results.

Data as at 30 June 2021 unless otherwise stated.

1. Results prior to the launch of Capital Group New Perspective Fund (AU) (CGNPAU) on 20 November 2015 are derived from the American Funds New Perspective Fund in A$ from 31 March 1973. The strategy is advised by the same portfolio management team managing to the same investment objectives. The returns are after fees, based on the total management cost of 1.05% p.a. that was applicable to CGNPAU up until 30 April 2017 and 0.95% with effect from 1 May 2017. American Funds are not registered for sale outside of the United States. Source: Capital Group

2. MSCI ACWI ex Australia (with net dividends reinvested) from 20 November 2015; previously MSCI ACWI (with net dividends reinvested) from 30 September 2011 and MSCI World Index (with net dividends reinvested) prior to that. Source: MSCI

3. Net of management fees and expenses. Fund results are based on close of market returns (T+1). Source: Capital Group

4. The index shown is MSCI ACWI ex Australia (with net dividends reinvested). Source: MSCI

5. The excess return is calculated arithmetically.

Aim for a smoother ride.

A group of managers with complementary investing styles on a single fund can deliver long-term results that help clients pursue their goals.

Built to last.

The Capital System has stood the test of time.

An innovative idea then and now, our unique multiple portfolio manager system has become a defining feature of our success. Distinct in the market and diverse in its strategy, The Capital System has helped many of our investment vehicles generate attractive long-term outcomes.

Morningstar Australasia have also recognised the long term potential of the Capital System in analysing our funds, with the Capital Group New Perspective Fund (AU)  and the Capital Group New World Fund (AU) both being gold-rated funds. On these pages, you will also find videos of Morningstar Australasia outlining in more detail why they have given these funds a Gold Morningstar Analyst Rating. 

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