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Creating a Financial Plan

June 2017

Financial Wealth Means Personal Health for Texas Investor

For longtime investor Dwayne Daussin, the financial security provided by American Funds allowed him to leave the stressful corporate world in Houston to open his own business in rural East Texas. There, he leads a slower pace of life and sets his own schedule, giving him plenty of time to lead an active outdoor lifestyle and generally stay healthy — something he takes very seriously.




Dwayne Daussin: My dad affected my philosophy a great deal. I mean he did saving and putting what he can away. And he had built a pretty good life. He was always saying, “You sure you want that? Let’s save for tomorrow,” you know. I mean, I followed his advice and just kept, again, going back to feeding the pig, just keep adding to it and adding to it. When you’re young you’re like, “Well why's he doing that? What's this all about?” And then you mature. And then you see the bigger picture, and you say, “Oh, that’s why he said that.” Priceless, my father’s advice was priceless. I don’t know what else to say about that.

I was in the corporate field in Houston and worked as a production coordinator. Decided in ‘93 to go a different direction and retired from there and took my existing 401(k) with that company and rolled it over into the AMCAP Fund — which gave me the confidence in the sense of being comfortable with making my move and setting up here and trying a new business. Which is pretty risky if you don't have that security blanket there. You know, that’s something . . . I didn’t have to borrow money from the bank to start my business. I was somewhat liquid, but with all that going, it made it so much easier to make the decision to come out here to the Piney Woods of East Texas.

Again, that’s a big decision in one’s life to make a change of that magnitude. I would have probably had to stay more years and done like everybody else — retired when I’m 65, 70 and not have much time left to enjoy what I want to do. I’ve had friends who are in the corporate field who are doing real well financially, but health-wise they're not doing too well. To me, my health is more important than that at this time in my life. For me, health is wealth, and out here in this environment, rowing my boat, riding my mountain bike — I can go at my own pace here. AMCAP has played a big part in that, keeps you steady, and it’s a good place to be.



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