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The Value of Financial Advice

Get Skilled Help to Plan and Monitor Your Investments

We believe successful financial planning depends on a strong relationship with a trusted financial professional. That’s why the American Funds are sold through financial advisors.

Financial advisors can help you assess your financial goals and guide you in developing a plan to reach them. They’ll help you strategize for time-critical needs, gauge your tolerance for risk, and monitor and choose the right investments. Explore our site to discover how working with a financial professional could help improve your investment outcomes.

If you don’t have a financial professional, we’ll be glad to help you find one in your area. Use our Advisor Locator.

“People make better decisions with financial advisors.”

— Robert Shiller, Nobel Prize-winning economist

In Their Own Words

Our investors reveal better than anyone else how they’ve been helped by financial advice. These short videos capture how they’ve benefitted.


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Dave Swartz started investing very young and worked hard to pursue his dream of owning his own business. Now he works with his financial advisor to help ensure his employees are saving for the future as well.

Right after law school, investor Patricia Hernandez-Edelstein was encouraged to find a financial advisor and start investing in her future. Marriage and children presented additional considerations, and Patricia started 529 plans. And, when she opened her own law firm, Patricia’s financial advisor helped her start SEP plans for her employees.

Anna Rae Goethe, 22, is an avid saver who understands the importance of budgeting and the value of advisor advice — thanks to her parents. Since she dreams of working for a nonprofit organization, saving now for the long term will help Anna Rae pursue her goals.



Chuck Cornillie savors his freedom as he tours the country on his motorcycle. After a lifetime of saving and preparing, along with sound financial advice, he and his wife put three children through college before enjoying a relaxed retirement.

American Funds investors and retirees Esther and Jerry White discuss how they were able to stay the course through market downturns with the help of their financial advisor.

Dwight Edwards has built his life around
nurturing relationships. With his financial advisor, he’s learned to find the balance between preparing for the future while
pursuing his passion to become a
motivational speaker.

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Investors should carefully consider investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. This and other important information is contained in the fund prospectuses and summary prospectuses, which can be obtained from a financial professional and should be read carefully before investing. 

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