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Working With a Financial Professional

American Funds investors and retirees Esther and Jerry White discuss how they were able to stay the course through market downturns with the help of their financial professional. 



Jerry White
Esther White


Recorded November 2011

Jerry White: One of my things I like to do and have done for years is go to swap meets. I was a big collector of butterflies and frames and that — I’ve got quite a collection of that. Esther’s put most of them up on the wall. I’ve still got some scattered here and there and some in boxes. 

But I enjoy getting out and going to swap meets and seeing what I can find. I don’t buy much anymore because we’re just running out of room to put things. That was kind of our exercise a lot of times. 

Well, I worked for Standard Oil, now Chevron Oil, and at that time you could contribute to your retirement plan. And so I contributed the full amount and that’s how we got started with our retirement. I just rolled everything over into American Funds at that time, along with my stock plan from Chevron. Been using American Funds ever since. 

Stuart, our financial planner, guided us through and indicated, you know, this is what I think you would be able to take out — and still grow some and have money for the future. 

We didn’t pull any money out of the market in 2000. We were determined that…  We left it in. Well, it’s gonna come back, and we’ll be alright. It was 2008 that was the more difficult time, I guess, for us. We happened to be on a trip into Nova Scotia during that October. We could see things were going down but we didn’t know what to do about it. 

We kinda got a hold of Stuart. He informed us that some people that thought they knew better that would pull their money out of different plans and put it into something else — or not put it into anything. He says, “Those people have not done near as well as you’ve done, and I would recommend that you stay with the plan and ride it through.” 

Esther White: Yeah, we gotta give him a lot of credit because we’re pretty dumb when it comes to money. All we know how to do is spend it. 

Jerry: We’re not people to look at the daily stock market or do any of that. We’re just enjoying life — our retirement years — and we’re gonna let Stuart worry about that for us. That’s his job.  What happens more or less happens. If you take it out and put it under your mattress, well, you’re gonna lose. And if you leave it where you’re at, chances are that it’s gonna come back, and you’re going to survive and it’s gonna be okay.

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