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Navigating Retirement: Good Advice Can Make the Ride Easier

Chuck Cornillie savors his freedom as he tours the country on his motorcycle. After a lifetime of saving and preparing, along with sound financial advice, he and his wife put three children through college before enjoying a relaxed retirement.



Chuck Cornillie


Recorded June 26, 2014

Chuck Cornillie: My wife and I went to a local community college, learned how to ride motorcycles, and so we started riding and one thing led to another. I am almost 81 — I’ll be 81 in August — and as long as I can hold the bike up and I don’t have any problems physically, I will ride.

I worked for my father-in-law, after I got married, for 17 years. I went from shoveling concrete, to a purchasing agent, to shipping the material — the pre-stressed concrete, which is quite a substantial piece of concrete. They’re heavy pieces. Later on I ended up running the whole block plant. So for 17 years I got quite an education from my father-in-law.

I became acquainted with Marvin in 1992. He advised us on some of our investments, and we are very happy with his work. So far the investments that we’ve made with Marvin are fine. We’re happy, and they do the trick. My wife and I saved as much as we could, planning on our college education for our kids. And all three of them went to college. They’re all very successful and we’re very proud of them.

Once you have learned and put on miles, you can relax. However, like I say, you still have to be defensive. You have to watch out, because things can just change like that. However, any time you’re on a Harley®, it’s great.

Best part of being on a bike is, well, you’re footloose, fancy free, and go wherever you want to go and do what you want to do.

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