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On 1 January 2012, the Italian government introduced a single harmonized 20% withholding tax rate on income and capital gains arising from financial instruments. This rate was subsequently increased to 26% on 1 July 2014. However, a reduced rate of 12.5% is applicable to income and capital gains arising from government bonds and similar securities, which are issued by Italy and other countries, as listed on the Italian white list.

As a result, the funds are required to determine the percentage of their assets invested in such government bonds and similar securities, in order for investors to benefit from the reduced rate on the income and capital gains deemed derived from that portion of the funds’ assets.

For each of the funds registered for retail distribution in Italy, please find in the report below the applicable percentage.


The information contained on this page does not constitute investment or tax advice and do not purport to deal with all of the tax consequences applicable to the funds or to all categories of investors, some of whom may be subject to special rules. Shareholders and potential investors are advised to consult their professional advisors concerning possible taxation or other consequences of purchasing, holding, selling, converting or otherwise disposing of the Shares under the laws of their country of incorporation, establishment, residence, or domicile, and in the light of their particular circumstances.