Capital Group SM

We believe in the power of partnerships.


We invest in our relationships.

Cultivating our relationship with investors is a cornerstone of our business.

For decades upon decades we’ve been working alongside financial advisers. Meeting them in offices from Singapore to Sydney, London to Milan and Michigan to Miami, we are focused on working with professional advisers to help investors like you reach their financial goals.

We make long-term commitments.

When the industry changes, we change too. When technology evolves, we evolve with it. And because we are privately owned, we can keep investing in the people, technology and infrastructure that we believe helps generate better outcomes for investors.

As well as investment choices we also offer you up to date insights and analysis on investment markets and themes. Our Capital ideas site aims to keep you up to date with our investment thinking on a wide range of subjects from market outlooks and global trade to investing through volatile times. 

Our beliefs

Your goals power ours.

We have four core beliefs central to helping you succeed.

Investment thinking from Capital Group

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