ESG at Capital Group

We believe ESG is key to successful investing. So we consider environmental, social and governance factors before we invest.


Why ESG matters at Capital Group

For nearly 90 years, our mission has been to improve people's lives through successful investing. We believe that considering ESG factors can lead to better long-term results for investors.

Rob Lovelace, vice chairperson and president of The Capital Group Companies, Inc., and Jody Jonsson, vice chairperson and president of Capital Research and Management Company, explain our commitment to ESG and how it is embedded in The Capital SystemSM.

ESG is embedded into our investment process

Three key elements — our research frameworks, monitoring process and active engagement — are part of our investment approach, The Capital SystemSM, which can help us deliver better long-term results.


Research frameworks

Drawing on deep research, our analysts identify the ESG issues that are material to each sector.


Monitoring process

We combine our own review and documentation by analysts and portfolio managers with leading third-party data. This multilayered process flags companies that require an elevated level of discussion.


Active engagement

We believe engaging with companies, rather than excluding them, can have a greater effect on the world. Our long-standing company relationships can help us influence change.

Top scores from PRI

The Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) Reporting Framework scores asset managers on their responsible investing practices. Capital Group earns an A or A+ in every applicable category.