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Transactions and forms

Investors must open an account with our funds before making the first investment. Account opening forms must be used for this purpose, and are available from Capital Group's Investor Services Team or from distributors on request. An account opening form is valid only when accompanied by a complete set of appropriate investor identification documents.

How do I subscribe or request redemption?
Subscription or redemption requests are accepted by mail or by fax +352 46 26 85 432 (subject to agreement of a fax indemnity), but not by email.

Capital Group Investor Services Team

PO Box 167
6C, route de Trèves
L-2633 Senningerberg

Requests received in good order by 1pm CET transact at the net asset value (NAV) determined on the same day. Instructions received after the relevant cut-off time will be carried over to the following valuation date. Distributors may apply earlier cut-off times for their clients. The fund may defer certain large transactions, or refuse certain subscriptions, as specified in the relevant prospectus.

Contract notes are sent by fax or mail from Luxembourg after the NAV is struck.

Both the transaction request and account maintenance forms are available for download below.

For any questions about the above process, please call 00800 243 38637 free of charge in the EU and Switzerland, or +352 46 26 85 611.

Transaction Request Form

Account Maintenance Form


Before investing in this product, please read the most recent prospectus and Key Investor Information Documents very carefully.

Please read the prospectus carefully before investing.

The word "fund" is used on this regional website for the sub-funds of SICAVs.

This document is published by Capital International Management Company Sàrl ("CIMC"), 37A avenue J.F. Kennedy, L-1855 Luxembourg. CIMC is regulated by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (“CSSF” – Luxembourg Financial Regulator) and manages the fund, which is a sub-fund of Capital International Fund. Capital Group is the holding company of CIMC and Capital Research and Management Company ("CRMC"), the investment adviser for the sub-fund. This fund is organised as an investment company with variable capital (SICAV) under the laws of Luxembourg and authorised by the CSSF as an Undertaking for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities ("UCITS"). Unless otherwise stated, all information is valid as at the date indicated and subject to change.

Unless otherwise stated, the source of the data, statistics and graphs in the information sheets is Capital Group.

Swing pricing is a mechanism by which long-term shareholders are protected against the dilution impact of securities trading caused by investors entering or exiting the fund. The price adjustment may vary from one fund to another, but would not normally be expected to exceed 2% of the initial net asset value.


Risk factors that you should take into account before investing:

  • The value of units and the income they generate may rise or fall, and it is possible that investors might not recover their initial investment.
  • Equity risk: Equity prices may fall as a consequence of certain events, including events directly involving the companies whose shares are held by the fund, global changes in the market, local, regional or global instability in the political, social or economic spheres, and fluctuations in exchange rates.
  • Liquidity risk: Some securities, mainly unlisted securities and/or those traded on OTC markets, may, under certain circumstances, not be traded on the market sufficiently quickly to avoid a loss.
  • Operational risk: This fund may invest on markets or systems where the settlement systems are less well organised than those of developed markets. Thus, settlement may be delayed and the cash or securities held by the fund may be jeopardised.
  • Counterparty risk: Other financial institutions provide services to the fund, such as the safekeeping of assets, or may serve as counterparties for financial contracts such as derivatives. There is a risk that the counterparty might not honour its obligations.
  • Derivative risk: The fund intends to use derivatives in a prudent manner and mainly for the purposes of hedging and/or optimising portfolio management, but derivatives may expose the fund to additional risks linked to the counterparty's credit risks and the potential for high volatility and low liquidity with respect to the positions of the underlying securities.


Other important information:

This information sheet is intended for individual investors. This financial product has an unlimited duration.

If the operating currency is different from the base currency, it may be affected by currency risk.

The fund is offered only via the prospectus, with the Key Investor Information Document if applicable. These documents, together with the latest annual and half-yearly reports and any documents relating to local legislation, contain more complete information about the fund, including the risks, charges and expenses. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU READ THESE DOCUMENTS BEFORE INVESTING. However, neither these documents nor the other information about the fund will be communicated to persons residing in countries where such communication would contravene legislation or regulations. They can be viewed online at, where you will also find the latest daily prices.

The tax treatment depends on the circumstances of each individual and may be subject to change. Investors should consult a tax adviser.

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