Capital Group Funds (Canada)
We are committed to providing exceptional services at a reasonable cost. In addition, all of our mutual funds for Canadian investors offer varying degrees of global exposure:
Invests in securities around the world with a primary focus on Canada.
Invests primarily in the stocks of companies on a global basis.
Invests in large-capitalization companies located outside of North America.
Invests in the stocks of large U.S. companies and securities whose principal markets are in the United States.
Invests in a broad range of equity and debt securities of emerging markets issuers.
Invests in equity and debt securities issued by companies and governments around the world.
Invests mainly in a broad range of Canadian and global fixed-income securities.
Invests primarily in bonds and other debt securities of global issuers.
Capital Group Funds are available in Canada through registered dealers. For more information, please consult your financial and tax advisors for your individual situation.