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Retirement is often called the golden years. But it could lose its lustre given today’s new realities.  Understanding investor goals and the role of equities can be of great benefit.

A moderate improvement in economic fundamentals was a key theme in Capital Group’s Portfolio Strategy Group Forum. But our fixed income group thinks that the above-trend growth may not be sustainable. Find out why.


Life, like investing, is more than avoiding risk. Learn why the new way of investing is all about reaching goals.


In this issue of Fixed Income Focus, investment specialist Jeremy Cunningham focuses on the stabilising political situation in Europe and how this allows bond investors seeking opportunities in the region to once again focus on fundamentals.

Populism hit the headlines when the UK voted to leave the European Union, casting a shadow over many political events since then. Find out what could be in store for Europe and what this means for investors.


An on-the-ground look at what’s happening in Asia and the opportunities for investors around the world.

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