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SEPTEMBER 21, 2017

How to Help Clients Protect Their Identity

Addressing account security is a good opportunity to reach out to your clients to let them know you care about the protection of their personal information.

3 Ways to Increase Your Account Security in Minutes

Share these tips with your clients to show how they can quickly make their online accounts more secure.

1.  Create a smart password

  • Use at least 12 characters — longer passwords are stronger than shorter, more complex passwords
  • Use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols
  • Avoid predictable keyboard patterns (e.g., “123456,“ “qwerty”)
  • Don’t use the same password on multiple sites
  • Never share passwords with anyone

2.  Sign up for e-delivery 

  • Eliminate up to 120 sheets of paper annually from their mailbox
  • Safer delivery of important documents
  • Single access point for important records
  • Accessible only through secure login
  • Available 1–3 weeks sooner than mail

3.  Keep contact information current

  • American Funds automatically turns on Account Activity and Security Notifications by email when clients log in to their account for the first time. This free service sends an immediate email alert to notify them if changes to their account are initiated online.
  • Clients can review and update their personal information on their Profile & Settings page.

Have clients visit to learn more.

Help Protect Against Fraud — Steps You Can Take

Phishing attempts and email scams are on the rise. Have you received emails from clients requesting that you complete a transaction on their behalf? How do you know the email is from your client?

Reach out to your firm to find out the guidelines you should follow when receiving email requests from clients.

For more information on phishing, review:

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