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Video insights

Series: China’s domestic reform program

In this suite of videos, hear our Chief Representative at Capital Strategy Research, Susan Dietz Henderson, outline the reform program that General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping, has had under way for 5 years, and what to expect for the next 5 years.


Steve Watson commentary on U.S-China trade tensions

In this video hear Steve Watson, portfolio manager for the New Perspective strategy, give his view of increasingly tense U.S.-China trade relations.



Capital Group New Perspective Strategy: A new perspective on global investing
June 2018

The New Perspective strategy dates back to 1973 and aims to identify established and emerging multinational companies. In this video, portfolio manager, Steve Watson, explains why he believes the multinational focus is an attractive one and how the fund differs from other global equity strategies.



What makes New Perspective Fund different from the typical global strategy?
June 2018

We were lucky enough to have New Perspective Fund portfolio manager, Jody Jonsson, in Australia recently. Among other things, we asked her what makes New Perspective different from the typical global strategy, and why a focus on quality multinationals.


Portfolio managers Rob Lovelace and David Hoag, and economist Darrell Spence share their thoughts on the outlook for global equities, fixed income and economies as they look ahead to 2018.

The pace of change for global investors has never been more rapid. With changing international trade patterns, it’s challenging to stay alert to the opportunities that are arising. We believe a research-driven approach is key to identifying the winners of tomorrow.

Mike Gitlin, Head of Fixed Income, shares what differentiates Capital Group from industry peers and the key issues facing bond investors today.

Morningstar director Christopher Douglas introduces the gold-rated Capital Group New Perspective Fund (AU). Learn why he thinks that our global equity fund is one that is hard to beat.


Journey to China and Beyond June 2017

An on-the-ground look at what’s happening in Asia and the opportunities for investors around the world.

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Investment Insights

30 Years in Emerging Markets January 2017

A pioneer in emerging markets (2:03)
The importance of a research-driven approach (2:12)
The evolution of emerging markets (1:51)
Emerging markets: an important part of a long-term investor’s portfolio (2:13)
Emerging markets outlook (1:44)