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Market Commentary

Market Commentary

The Fed Raises Rates, With an Eye on Inflation December 2016

The US Federal Reserve hiked interest rates in December and now appears more vigilant on inflation going forward.

Market Commentary

European economic growth losing steam again October 2016

Mounting political risk and deflationary pressures are weighing on the outlook for the European economy. Read one economist's take.

Market Commentary

Inflation may soon inflate October 2016

The market has lowered its inflation expectations, but is the outlook justified? Fixed-income portfolio manager Ritchie Tuazon explains why inflation could move higher, and what that means for Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities.

With several months to go before the US presidential election, Capital Group's US public policy and communications advisor Matt Miller believes that a number of outcomes are possible.

Will China face a hard landing? What is the impact of secular stagnation on global growth? Hong Kong-based economist Stephen Green shares his views on recent economic developments, as well as the challenges and potential opportunities for investors.

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Abenomics at a crossroads March 2016

Seung Kwak, portfolio manager for Capital Group's Japan Equity strategy, details what the negative interest rate policy means for Japan Inc and explains why he thinks Abenomics still has legs.

With valuations improving in the US investment-grade market, find out how our portfolio managers look to build portfolios that can generate excess returns.

Market Commentary

A distinctive approach to investing January 2016

In this Q&A, Capital Group New Perspective portfolio manager Rob Lovelace discusses how our multiple-portfolio-manager approach, The Capital SystemSM, sets it apart from many other global asset managers.

Market Commentary

Japan: New year, new risks? January 2016

Investors in Japanese equities were taken on a bumpy ride last year. Will it be any different this year? In this Q&A, Seung Kwak, portfolio manager for Capital Group’s Japan Equity strategy, offers his views on the outlook for Japan’s stock market and economy.

Capital Group portfolio manager John Smet discusses areas of opportunity he sees for fixed-income investors looking ahead into 2016.

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Q&A with portfolio manager David Daigle January 2016

Capital Group Global High Income Opportunities portfolio manager David Daigle shares his outlook on the corporate high-yield bond market, including his view on valuations and the potential impact of US interest rate rises.

The lead portfolio manager takes stock of the present state of affairs in Japan and offers his views on the portfolio's current investment themes as well as new opportunities that he's exploring.

Market Commentary

Q&A with portfolio manager Mark Denning September 2015

The lead portfolio manager of Capital Group's European Growth and Income strategy discusses his approach to investing and offers insights into the current portfolio positioning, and where he sees the most promising investment opportunities.