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Built for an Evolving World September 2017

A global equity approach which has stood the test of time and is well positioned to continue to benefit from changing patterns of world trade.

As economies advance, so too do the patterns of consumption. To thrive in this environment, companies need to first understand the new breed of global consumers.


Technology Is Changing the Way Companies Go Global September 2017

A new breed of companies are achieving rapid scale and expansion into new markets across the world. Capital Group's approach to research and investing has also evolved to capture these opportunities. How do these idea-driven companies do it?

This strategy has consistently sought companies that stand to gain from changing global trade and investment trends. This proven approach has helped the strategy generate superior returns for over 40 years.

Ric Torres, portfolio manager for Capital Group’s Emerging Markets Total Opportunities (ETOP) strategy, shares his outlook on emerging markets and presents his investment views.  

A moderate improvement in economic fundamentals was a key theme in Capital Group’s Portfolio Strategy Group Forum. But our fixed income group thinks that the above-trend growth may not be sustainable. Find out why.

Populism hit the headlines when the UK voted to leave the European Union, casting a shadow over many political events since then. Find out what could be in store for Europe and what this means for investors.

Capital Group launched the US equity growth strategy AMCAP for investors in Asia. Find out how AMCAP differs from other strategies and the time-tested approach it has followed for five decades.

The world’s major economies all appear to be on the road to recovery. Heading into the second half of the year, clarity is improving on many fronts. But questions remain.

Investment Insights

Big Funds and Their Critics July 2017

Large funds often fail to deliver big returns. True or false? Investment director David Polak puts things in perspective.

In this issue of Fixed Income Focus, investment specialist Jeremy Cunningham focuses on the stabilising political situation in Europe and how this allows bond investors seeking opportunities in the region to once again focus on fundamentals.

Abenomics continues to take shape in Japan but it remains vulnerable to external shocks. Find out why portfolio manager Seung Kwak thinks there are grounds for optimism as he presents his investment views.

With traditional fixed-income assets offering low yields, investors are searching for higher-income alternatives. Find out how one strategy offers the potential for enhanced income by investing in a blend of emerging market debt and high-yield corporates using a measured investment approach.

Behavioural biases such as loss aversion and herd mentality can skew investors’ decisions and impact returns. How can investors stay focused on their long-term investment goals?

Europe’s structural issues remain and have affected many investors’ perception of European equities as a whole. Through our company-by-company approach, we find investment opportunities in all asset classes regardless of the broader market’s view.

Rob Neithart, the Principal Investment Officer for Capital Group Global High Income Opportunities, discusses the expansion of Capital Group’s fixed-income resources and his outlook for the emerging market debt and high-yield markets.


High-Yield Bonds and Emerging Markets May 2017

This issue of Fixed Income Focus highlights the potential risks facing the high-yield market and why emerging market debt continues to offer value after the recent rally.

The nature of globalisation is changing rapidly. How will it influence the investment landscape? Here is our in-depth view on the opportunities this presents..


Bank Loans and Laddered Portfolios April 2017

In this issue of Fixed Income Focus, we discuss why bank loans may not have a place in your portfolio, and how muni bond funds can offer many potential benefits.

After decades of hype and disappointment, artificial intelligence is poised to fuel the next wave of innovation and potentially provide unprecedented opportunities.


Portfolio Strategy Group Spring Forum April 2017

Capital Group’s Portfolio Strategy Group forum brings together the entire fixed-income group for an in-depth discussion on the macroeconomic environment and fixed-income markets. Policy uncertainty, both fiscal and monetary, was a key theme.

The following article appeared in the Financial Times recently. Through a discussion with Capital Group CEO, Tim Armour, it provides a profile of Capital Group and highlights our growing voice in the passive investing debate.

Amid turmoil in the energy sector, there are compelling opportunities in pipeline company bonds. Portfolio manager Damien McCann discusses the outlook for the industry and where to find value.

With world trade going downhill and protectionism on the rise, is globalisation coming to an end? Investment director David Polak shares his views.

Portfolio manager Caroline Randall explains why she considers a macro filter critical in making investment decisions, as well as the advantage of having access to key decision makers.

Portfolio manager Chris Thomsen shares his views on Capital Group’s New World strategy’s multidimensional approach as well as his bias towards investing in Asia.

Investment Insights

A Tale of Two US Economies March 2017

The second half of 2016 was a tale of two economies for the US, with a strong domestic economy and weaker industrial sector. While largely unchanged, these trends are now set against a very different political backdrop.

Warren Buffett has endorsed index investing for most savers. Here is our perspective.

What is the outlook for the US corporate bond market? Portfolio manager David Lee shares his views, including his thoughts on different sectors within the asset class.

In this Q&A, portfolio managers Ric Torres and Steve Backes share their views on emerging markets and their respective investment approaches.


Muni Yields and Emerging Markets Debt February 2017

In this issue of Fixed Income Focus, we highlight the impact of the higher muni yields, and discuss potential reasons for optimism on emerging markets debt.

Japanese equities weathered a bumpy 2016. But for investors, there is promise beyond the uncertainty. Portfolio manager Seung Kwak explains why.