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Investment Insights

Growth across most regions is running modestly above trend, while inflation is gradually moving higher but remains tame. However, this equilibrium is at risk of being disrupted.

Technology is changing the nature of global commerce. Trade negotiations and the implementation of new trade and tariff regimes could accelerate this trend. This is likely to be a key theme in 2018.

In this Q&A, Capital Group Vice Chairman and portfolio manager Rob Lovelace shares his thoughts on trade negotiations and their impact on multinational companies.

Portfolio manager, Chris Thomsen, explains his optimistic outlook for emerging markets and where he sees opportunities as a manager in Capital Group’s New World strategy.

Capital Group Global Corporate Bond portfolio manager Vantil Charles outlines why he remains broadly positive on the global outlook but with an eye on future uncertainty, is currently overweight companies with defensive characteristics.

Retirement is often called the golden years. But it could lose its lustre given today’s new realities.  Understanding investor goals and the role of equities can be of great benefit.

Unfazed by the market’s unpredictability, portfolio manager Rob Lovelace still finds plenty of investment opportunities, while thinking of ways to protect investors on the downside.

Capital Group Emerging Markets Debt Fund (LUX) portfolio manager Kirstie Spence shares her outlook on the asset class and also highlights some of her convictions within the local currency market.

Investment Insights

Outlook 2018: Time for Balance and Flexibility January 2018

In an environment characterised by healthy underlying growth but relatively high valuations, here are key takeaways and investment implications to consider in the new year.

When it comes to bonds, how should investors balance the competing objectives of income and diversification?

Goals-based investing appears to be gaining momentum. Find out where it all began and where we think portfolio construction is headed.

Seung Kwak, principal investment officer for Capital Group’s Japan Equity strategy, shares his views on the future of Abenomics, corporate governance improvements, and potential risks in the domestic market.

Fixed income markets may be underestimating the potential impact of tighter monetary policy. As major central banks begin to unwind their balance sheets, we are doubtful it will be a smooth transition and that the current pace of growth will continue.

Investment Director, Natasha Braginsky Mounier, shares her views on China’s role in emerging markets and where managers of the Capital Group New World strategy are finding investment opportunities today.

Emerging market debt has room to run, even as monetary policy tightens, due to strong fundamentals – but some countries’ bonds may do better than others.


The World Is Open for Business October 2017

This issue of The Long View discusses the changing landscape of global business and its potential impacts on investors.

Shannon Ward, portfolio manager for the Capital Group US High Yield strategy, shares her approach to managing high-yield strategies and her outlook for the asset class.

Life, like investing, is more than avoiding risk. Learn why the new way of investing is all about reaching goals.

Mike Gitlin, Capital Group’s Head of Fixed Income, sets out the importance of investing in bond funds that don’t engage in scope creep and explains what differentiates Capital Group from industry peers.

Gains in 2016 and 2017 have thrust emerging markets bonds back into the spotlight after years of uneven returns. Is the turnaround sustainable? There are key reasons to be constructive.

Should investors cut their exposure to bonds as major central banks begin to retreat from monetary easing? Mike Gitlin, Capital Group's Head of Fixed Income, shares his outlook on the asset class.

Steven Watson, portfolio manager for the Capital Group New Perspective strategy, discusses his views on globalisation and how he identifies investment opportunities that will add value over the long term.

The unwinding of the Fed's massive quantitative easing program marks a major policy change that could impact interest rates and markets more broadly.

Investment Insights

Europe Plays Catch Up September 2017

Political uncertainty is starting to lift in the euro zone, revealing an economy that is performing relatively well. And European stocks are now playing catch up with the US. But there are obvious risks.


Built for an Evolving World September 2017

A global equity approach which has stood the test of time and is well positioned to continue to benefit from changing patterns of world trade.

As economies advance, so too do the patterns of consumption. To thrive in this environment, companies need to first understand the new breed of global consumers.


Technology Is Changing the Way Companies Go Global September 2017

A new breed of companies are achieving rapid scale and expansion into new markets across the world. Capital Group's approach to research and investing has also evolved to capture these opportunities. How do these idea-driven companies do it?

This strategy has consistently sought companies that stand to gain from changing global trade and investment trends. This proven approach has helped the strategy generate superior returns for over 40 years.

Ric Torres, portfolio manager for Capital Group’s Emerging Markets Total Opportunities (ETOP) strategy, shares his outlook on emerging markets and presents his investment views.  

A moderate improvement in economic fundamentals was a key theme in Capital Group’s Portfolio Strategy Group Forum. But our fixed income group thinks that the above-trend growth may not be sustainable. Find out why.

Populism hit the headlines when the UK voted to leave the European Union, casting a shadow over many political events since then. Find out what could be in store for Europe and what this means for investors.

Capital Group launched the US equity growth strategy AMCAP for investors in Asia. Find out how AMCAP differs from other strategies and the time-tested approach it has followed for five decades.

The world’s major economies all appear to be on the road to recovery. Heading into the second half of the year, clarity is improving on many fronts. But questions remain.

Investment Insights

Big Funds and Their Critics July 2017

Large funds often fail to deliver big returns. True or false? Investment director David Polak puts things in perspective.