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Capital Group World Dividend Growers Hedged (AU)

Dividends are not all created equal. While it is almost intuitive to focus on current dividend yields, we believe instead in the power of future dividend growth.

History backs our belief. Companies that pay a growing dividend have generated superior total returns with less volatility over the long term. And there is a good reason for this trend. Dividend growth is often a hallmark of high-quality companies that have competitive and sustainable business models, strong balance sheets and steady management teams.

With Capital Group World Dividend Growers (AU) and Capital Group World Dividend Growers Hedged (AU), we seek to harness the potential of dividend growers to achieve long-term total returns. Identifying such companies requires nothing less than solid bottom-up research. Through our global team of analysts, we select companies around the world that offer attractive combinations of current dividend yield and expected dividend growth.

These funds are available to individual and institutional investors.

Gerald Du Manoir
Gerald Du Manoir Portfolio Manager Los Angeles office 26 years with Capital | 27 years in profession
Jeremy Burge Portfolio Manager Toronto office 15 years with Capital | 35 years in profession
Steven Watson
Steven T. Watson Portfolio Manager Hong Kong office 27 years with Capital | 29 years in profession

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