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Capital Group World Dividend Growers (AU)

The fund seeks to provide long-term total return by investing in companies worldwide that provide a combination of current yield and dividend growth. By harnessing the power of dividend growers, it aims to provide global equity returns with lower volatility.

Capturing opportunities in the world of dividends
The fund has the flexibility to invest across the spectrum of dividend growers and high dividend yielders. This forms a powerful opportunity set with the potential to weather different market environments.

Disciplined, repeatable approach
Bottom-up, fundamental research allows our investment professionals to better comprehend companies’ commitment to dividends and earnings growth potential.

Achieving equity-like returns with lower volatility
Our approach has led to a global equity portfolio with lower volatilityand produced a higher gross dividend than the MSCI All Country World Index2.


1.Capital Group World Dividend Growers (LUX) has achieved a lifetime volatility of 9.6% (inception: 6 August 2013). Over the same period the volatility of the MSCI All Country World Index was 10.5%.
Data before fees and expenses as at 30 June 2017 in US$ terms. Sources: Capital Group, MSCI

2.Capital Group World Dividend Growers (LUX)’s gross yield net of withholding tax and before fees and expenses has consistently been higher than the MSCI All Country World Index since inception.
Sources: Capital Group, MSCI


Jeremy Burge Portfolio Manager Toronto office 16 years with Capital | 36 years in profession
Steven Watson
Steven T. Watson Portfolio Manager Hong Kong office 28 years with Capital | 30 years in profession
Gerald Du Manoir
Gerald Du Manoir Portfolio Manager Los Angeles office 27 years with Capital | 28 years in profession

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