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Capital Group Global Equity Fund (AU)

The fund seeks to achieve long-term growth of capital by investing in companies researched and selected from around the world.

Seamless approach
Portfolio managers concentrate their efforts on identifying specific investment opportunities based on fundamental, company-by-company research.

Diversity of ideas and disciplines
The fund benefits from diverse perspectives of the portfolio managers who have decades of investment experience through various market cycles.

Long-term track record
The fund aims to generate consistent, long-term results and has a track record that spans nearly 50 years.

Robert Lovelace
Robert W. Lovelace Portfolio Manager Los Angeles office 32 years with Capital | 32 years in profession
Lisa Thompson
Lisa Thompson Portfolio Manager New York Office 23 years with Capital | 29 years in Profession
Eric Stern
Eric Stern Portfolio Manager Los Angeles Office 26 years with Capital | 28 years in Profession
Michael Cohen
Michael Cohen Portfolio Manager London Office 18 years with Capital | 27 years in Profession
Research Portfolio Research analysts are allocated part of the fund assets to manage

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