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Capital Group Emerging Markets Total Opportunities Fund (AU)

The fund seeks to provide long-term growth and preservation of capital with lower volatility of returns than emerging market equities. It also has the flexibility to invest in developed market companies that derive a significant portion of their revenues from developing economies.

Power of choice
The fund’s multi-asset approach offers the flexibility to invest across the full spectrum of the emerging market investable universe.

A lower volatility approach to emerging markets
The broad opportunity set in equity and fixed-income securities helps to provide a smoother pattern of returns during periods of volatility1.

Benefit of experience from a pioneer in emerging market investing
Our knowledge gained through three decades of experience leads to a deeper understanding of the unique complexities inherent in emerging markets.


1. Over the period 1 February 2008-30 June 2017, CGETOP had volatility of 9.5% p.a. vs. 20.3% p.a. for the MSCI Emerging Markets Investable Market Index with net dividends reinvested. Volatility is based on daily observations, using a population standard deviation calculation. Sources: Capital Group, MSCI

Shaw Wagener
Shaw B. Wagener Portfolio Manager Los Angeles office 36 years with Capital | 36 years in profession
Luis de Oliveira
Luis Freitas de Oliveira Portfolio Manager Geneva office 24 years with Capital | 29 years in profession
Ric Torres Portfolio Manager London office 25 years with Capital | 25 years in profession
Steven G. Backes Portfolio Manager New York office 11 years with Capital | 24 years in profession

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