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Capital Group Emerging Markets Total Opportunities Fund (AU)

The long-term case for investing in emerging markets is well established - high economic growth rates, young populations driving this growth, increasingly affluent middle class, and supportive government policies.

The fact remains, though, that investing in emerging markets can be a volatile experience. Over the last decade, emerging markets have more than tripled in value but it has been a tumultuous journey with significant sharp declines along the way.

Capital Group, one of the world's first and largest investors in emerging markets, has developed an approach - Emerging Markets Total Opportunities (ETOP) - that seeks to capture the dynamism of emerging markets, but with lower volatility than an equity-only portfolio. It does this by investing bottom-up in the entire spectrum of emerging markets securities.

This fund is available to individual and institutional investors.

Luis de Oliveira
Luis Freitas de Oliveira Portfolio Manager Geneva office 23 years with Capital | 28 years in profession
Shaw Wagener
Shaw B. Wagener Portfolio Manager Los Angeles office 35 years with Capital | 35 years in profession
Ric Torres Portfolio Manager London office 24 years with Capital | 24 years in profession
Steven G. Backes Portfolio Manager New York office 10 years with Capital | 23 years in profession

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