What makes us different makes us better

Diversity, equity & inclusion

Working at Capital Group is about being part of a culture where everyone belongs. This commitment starts with a chairman and senior leaders who understand that diverse teams operating in an open, inclusive culture produce better solutions. Your perspective, your talents, your traditions — all the things that make you unique — are what will help our business succeed.

Can I be a gamer at work and level up in my career?

Working at Capital Group, I can.

Service Center

At Capital Group, I'm surrounded by people with unique stories and passions.

My love of gaming is a big part of what makes me who I am. I never thought I'd work for a company that encourages me to have esports tournaments with co-workers! 

It's easy to feel like I belong, thanks to Capital Communities, our charitable giving programs or just catching up with my team. I love knowing that Capital Group supports all its associates for exactly who we are, without a glitch.


Capital Communities

Communities driven by our associates enable them to get involved and connect with others, whatever their passions or interests.

Charitable giving

We offer our associates 2-for-1 matching gifts for their charitable contributions.

Savings and retirement plan

We make an annual deposit into our associates' retirement accounts equal to 15% of their total compensation, which includes salary and bonuses.

Capital Communities

You define yourself by more than just your job title. That's why we have more than 40 Capital Communities – sometimes called employee resource groups – around the globe. Our associates unite around common interests and identities, becoming allies and advocates who prioritize inclusion and equity for all.

Can I have pride in my identity and feel proud of my workplace?

Working at Capital Group, I can.

Technology Rotation Program

Capital Group encourages me to bring my true, best self to work.

Growing up, it took me a long time to really accept myself. Now it’s my goal to be the best me I can be everywhere I go. I appreciate that Capital Group supports gender identity and sexual orientation in all 50 states.

My dream is to ride my motorcycle to national parks all over the country. And I love knowing that wherever I go, Capital Group has my back.


Gender identity and sexual orientation protections

We offer these protections in all states across the U.S.

Capital Communities

Communities driven by our associates enable them to get involved and connect with others, whatever their passions or interests.


A career is much more than climbing a corporate ladder. At Capital Group, you can reach new heights by building your own best path to success. Opportunities like educational programs and mentorships will help you explore and expand your abilities. So you can grow both personally and professionally.

Can I focus on fitness and exercise my mind with the same intensity?

Working at Capital Group, I can.


Capital Group is committed to strengthening my skills.

I’m a highly motivated person. I love challenging myself with workouts that push me to my physical limits. At work, I’m always striving to lift my career to the next level.

Capital Group empowers me to build my skills with professional events and online courses. I’m encouraged to keep stretching myself, and I’m proud to be part of such a strong team.


Learning Center

We offer on-demand, personalized learning 24/7 for associates developing new skills.

Learning from others

Our strong spirit of collaboration allows associates to learn from their peers, managers and mentors. We have ongoing career and development conversations, no matter your level or role.

Development programs

Customized career development programs are offered to associates of many levels across the organization.

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