You want a career that fits your life, not a job you have to work around.


We get it. Life happens. We understand the importance of flexibility and how it's more important now than ever. That's why we give our associates so many options to make life's juggling act a little easier.

Can I be a music-loving mom without missing a beat in my career?

Working at Capital Group, I can.

Inside Sales

Capital Group goes above and beyond to support new parents.

I love traveling to music festivals and concerts with my husband and son, and soon our trio will become a quartet with the arrival of our new baby boy.

Thanks to Capital Group's generous parental leave, I can spend valuable time bonding with my family before readjusting to the rhythm of work. That’s music to my ears.


Parental leave

All parents, whether by birth, fostering or adoption, receive eight weeks of paid parental leave.

Parental transition schedule

Parents can request to work part-time up to six months after bringing home a child.

Paid vacation

Associates start with 18 days each year and receive a bonus week of vacation every five years.

Can I find a company with a work environment that's as flexible as I am?

Working at Capital Group, I can.

Institutional Product Management

Capital Group lets me adapt my schedule to my life.

Almost every role at Capital has the flexibility to work from home. That's great for me, since I've got a lot going on. Manager, mother, days get pretty packed.

Thanks to Capital Group, I can adjust my hours to make sure my priorities don't compete. That feels like a good call for my co-workers, my family, and all the players on my team.



Many of our associates have the flexibility to work from home part-time.

Flexible schedule

Adjust your daily schedule to accomodate your personal needs, depending on your line of business and role.

Giving back

Do you spend time away from work doing good works? We're right there with you, helping you find the time and money to contribute to your community and beyond. From matching donations to sponsoring volunteer events, Capital Group cares about the causes that matter to you.

Can I manage investments and still manage to support important causes?

Working at Capital Group, I can.

Portfolio Manager

Capital Group is dedicated to making a difference.

I want to be a positive example for my children by being a positive influence in my community. Capital Group helps associates raise the necessary funds to serve on nonprofit boards.

As a portfolio manager, I work with others to make good investment decisions. As a board member, I collaborate on important social issues. Capital Group helps us do better, and we're all better for it.


Encourages membership on fund boards

Over 400 associates from all levels of the company serve on nonprofit boards.

Corporate grants

We offer grants for associates who are involved in a nonprofit in a meaningful way.

Charitable giving

We offer our associates 2-for-1 matching gifts for their charitable contributions.

Can I lead in my community knowing that my company is stepping up as well?

Working at Capital Group, I can.

Technology Rotation Program

Capital Group applauds my support of the arts.

I love everything about the performing arts — theater, music, dance — you name it. When I decided to share my passion with young students in the neighborhood, I tapped into Capital Group's charitable resources.

I'm proud to work for a company that puts its money where our hearts are, supporting the causes that associates care about most. Bravo!


Matching donations

We double your financial contributions to nonprofits, up to $5,000 per year.

Dollars for doers

Every 10 hours you volunteer earns a  $100 donation (or local currency equivalent) to the eligible nonprofit, up to 50 hours per fiscal year.

New hire donations

New associates receive $250 to donate to the nonprofit of their choice within the first 3 months of joining.


Life looks different for everyone. That’s why we provide premier benefits covering a diverse range of medical, dental and wellness options to support you and your family. And our generous time away and well-being benefits start from day one.

Below you will find links to machine readable files that contain information about service rates and out of network allowances from our healthcare service providers.

Anthem - machine readable file
Cigna - machine readable file

Our associates' favorite benefits:

Capital Wellness 
We provide a range of incentives for our associates who participate in health-promoting activities, from financial rewards to health-related giveaways.

Health screenings 
We offer or subsidize yearly health screenings in many of our offices. We also provide annual flu shots in many of our offices.

Healthy activities  
Many of our offices have gyms or offer fitness classes, meditation classes and other activities to support the well-being of our associates.

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