You want to make a good living now and save for the future too. We can help with that.


Our retirement benefit contributes 15% of your total annual compensation (including bonuses) to your account, without requiring you to make any contribution at all. Yes, you read that right — nothing comes out of your paycheck. Capital Group makes the entire 15% contribution. Because we take your future as seriously as you do.

Can I explore my past while setting myself up for the future?

Working at Capital Group, I can.

Talent Development

The Capital Group retirement benefit puts a little more money in my pocket.

I love learning about my Mexican heritage. I go to Mexico to visit family, shop, eat and soak up everything this amazing place has to offer.

If I didn't have the Capital Group retirement benefit, I'd have to put aside more of my paycheck for the future. But because Capital is so generous, I can see more of my favorite country in the world!


Savings and retirement plan

We make an annual deposit into our associates' retirement accounts equal to 15% of their total compensation, which includes salary and bonuses.


In addition to our 15% retirement benefit, we automatically enroll new associates in a traditional or Roth 401(k) with a 3% pretax payroll deduction. Associates can change or stop their contribution amount at any time.

Paid vacation

Associates start with 18 days each year and receive a bonus week of vacation every five years.

Compensation and bonuses

Capital Group knows how important it is to invest in our associates financially. After all, they are key to our success.

We want to set you up for your own success by paying you well during your career and helping you prepare for a comfortable retirement.

Our associates' favorite benefits:

We offer highly competitive annual salaries and benefits.

All associates can earn two annual bonuses based on individual performance and company profitability.

We make an annual deposit into our associates' retirement accounts equal to 15% of their total compensation, which includes salary and bonuses.

Financial education

Capital Group wants to improve people’s lives through successful investing. And that includes you. We provide educational resources and tools to inspire and empower our associates. Learn how to successfully manage your money to plan for small tasks and big events, and to be more confident about your finances.

Can I watch my career and my child grow together?

Working at Capital Group, I can.

Investment Operations

Capital Group invests in our financial future.

My son, now 16 years old, was born just one month before I joined Capital Group. So I’ve always considered my career to be framed by my dedication to family.

The financial education program helps me shoot for my goals, just like I've taught my son to shoot for his — from his first free throw to making the varsity team. Now my whole family can be at the top of their game for every exciting season of our lives.


Financial education

One-on-one coaching, a personalized digital experience and onsite seminars to help improve financial fitness.

Bonus pay

Associates can receive two annual bonuses, based on personal performance and company profitability.

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